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Mozilla eyes on introducing tablets alongside smartphones


Mozilla is gearing up to give a huge boost to its new Firefox OS as they recently showed intentions of introducing the Firefox OS tablets as well.

From the past few weeks, Firefox OS is attracting a lot of interest from the people as well as the developers due to its low cost solutions and development. Moreover since it is open source, it gives the developer a complete liberty to play with it and develop it according to his own likings.

“Trying to make an iPhone killer doesn’t address the majority of the market,” Gal said. “Of course we’re interested in covering the entire space, there’s no reason the web can’t be used to build high-end phones, and we will make those phones over time.”

It is also good for Mozilla that they are targeting the mid to low level market as there is not much competition in this zone and it will surely give Mozilla a chance to move up the chain of mobile phone OSes.

“When the project started, tablets were the initial goal that we thought about, a year and a half ago. The goal was to displace proprietary technology in mobile because browser companies like Mozilla were not sufficiently focused on providing good technology for mobile for the web. We provided good APIs for the desktop and [that] grew very nicely, but we didn’t provide the same capabilities for mobile,” Gal Said


Working on tablets alongside smartphones is a great deal of job for a company whose OS(Firefox OS) is just like a new born baby and is very immature but still the company intends to bring the Firefox OS based tablets to the market.

“I can definitely see us going to tablets in future, right now a lot of opportunities exist in phones”, Andreas Gal, Mozilla.

The company also shows concepts of Firefox OS being used in different consumer electronics like desktops, fridges, cars etc. This is just like Android but with more flexibility for the developers. Google still hasn’t made the Android open source but people do play with the APIs and make their own Custom ROMs for different devices.

The whole idea behind the Firefox OS being a web based platform is that the user should have one sole identity over different platforms and should provide contents wherever necessary.

“You sign in with your identity and when you purchase an application you really purchase the application for that identity and not the device. For example, if I sign into my identity and purchase the New York Times app and then go to my desktop browser and assign the same identity, I essentially take that content with me,” Gal said.

“Content is no longer bound to one specific device, it is now bound to my identity that I can take with me to all these different devices,” he added.

We think that it is a great move from Mozilla to show their intentions that they can bring Firefox OS based tablets to the market and can challenge the other top competitors in the same category like the Apple iPAd or Samsung Galaxy Tab.

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