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Firefox OS Launching in 16 Emerging Markets this Year


From the past few months Firefox was silent on when they were actually going to release their OS smartphones but Gary Kovacs who is the CEO of Firefox finally announced this Monday that they will be releasing their new Firefox OS devices this year in June.

The initial Firefox OS release will include five countries: Venezuela, Poland, Brazil, Portugal and Spain and after these, 11 additional countries will be following the release of Firefox OS at the end of this year.

Kovacs said at AllThingsD’s “Dive into Mobile” conference today. Those additional countries will likely include Colombia, Hungary, Mexico, Montenegro and Serbia, which Mozilla mentioned during Mobile World Congress 2013 in February.

Taking a small step

So what does this news means to all the Customers that can’t wait to get their hands on the new Firefox OS smartphones especially the ones that are in famous markets like US? Well sadly CEO Gary Kovacs said that Firefox OS smartphones won’t be released to the US market until 2014.

He said “It didn’t make sense for us to launch a version-one device around the world“, he explained

A release spearheaded by affordable devices like the ZTE Open in emerging markets first could give the nonprofit Mozilla a chance to gain Firefox OS a foothold where it otherwise wouldn’t be able to if it launched with an iPhone or Galaxy S4-quality device.

Higher-quality Firefox OS releases could follow in 2014 when manufacturers like Sony – which has already committed to releasing a Firefox OS phone next year – will reveal what they’ve been cooking in Mozilla’s kitchen.

He didn’t said much about when they will be launching their Firefox smartphones to other emerging markets such as U.K. and Europeso we guess they might be waiting even longer then US to finally get their hands on Firefox OS.

Why Choose Firefox OS

So why should you choose Firefox OS?

CEO Kovacs gave a very confident answer saying “Our whole mission is to stimulate the ecosystem“. He further added ‘’the number of people, websites and experiences exploded” when Mozilla debuted its Firefox browser a decade ago. Mozilla is hoping the same thing will eventually happen in the mobile world with Firefox OS.

Head of Engineering Jonathan Nightingale said that the market is tough and there are against competitors like Google and Apple and their goal is to “push hard” against them or another other company that is going to challenge them. Further adding more he said

“Five years ago, you saw the birth of iOS and Android but the web couldn’t do it and Google are still going out there, telling that story”, Nightingale told.

“They say you need native applications to have rich capability. Five years ago that was true, now that feels really outdated. Holding any of these Firefox OS phones is proof of that.’’

In the end he said that they will be examining the market after the release of their OS devices and will be looking how Mozilla competes against other tough companies in the market.

We can’t wait to get our hands on the new OS devices and hopefully it will be everything Mozilla claims it will be in any case we will keep you guys updated.

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