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Firefox OS: HTML5 is ready for mobile


Mozilla said that their Firefox OS: HTML5 is ready for mobile devices. They were very confident about what they said and they think that HTML5 is a perfect platform for mobiles even though Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg, Google, and Apple’s are claiming that it’s not.

Both Facebook and Apple said that mobiles running on HTML5 based applications have low performance as compared to ones built using a native code. Looks like these two companies are not in favor of Mozilla.

Ignoring both Apple and a Facebook, Mozilla thinks that they have unlocked web experience on desktop with the help of Firefox and now with Firefox OS they are going to change the way apps work by running them with HTML5 and bring the power of Web developer community to mobile.

Mozilla is taking their HTML5 to the next level, including putting pressure on their developers to further improve their HTML5 engines, while introducing new Web API’s by Mozilla. Now web apps are so advanced that what only native apps could do they can as well such as telephony, camera, messaging and Bluetooth, effectively closing the gap between Web and native apps. It’s completely wrong that HTML5 based apps perform lower then native apps, however they do on iOS and Android smartphones which are optimized to run native apps.

In 2011, Facebook CTO Bret Taylor said HTML5 would play a crucial role in delivering a consistent user experience across the social network’s mobile sites and applications. Later on after an year in a conference Mark Zuckerberg said that the company’s biggest mistake was HTML5.

Here are Zuckerberg’s exact words:

‘The biggest mistake we made as a company was betting too much on HTML5 as opposed to native,It just wasn’t ready.

HTML5 seemed at the time, circa-2011, the answer to all of Facebook’s problems, one that’d allow it to port its services to iOS, Android, and the mobile web with minimal fuss – but it wasn’t meant to be. HTML5 did not offer the desired stability or performance, pulling data down at much slower rates compared to native code.

Good enough wasn’t good enough,’ said Zuckerberg commenting on Facebook’s HTML5-based mobile apps.

Web today offers both online and offline experience to users and Firefox OS does the same while running their apps in offline mode. Applications that are installed are cached on the phone and can be used offline. Firefox OS applications run offline and do not use internet at all unless the applications sends or receives data to function.

Mozilla is doing their best to defend themselves against the criticism made against them by working hard on their apps and working with standards bodies such as W3C to close the gaps. The example of comparing the performance of a web based and native app is like you buying a suit from a shop and a suit made on a tailor. There is no doubt that the suit that the tailor made will fit nicely on you but incase u have to lend it to someone it won’t be the same for them, this proves what native apps work like as compared to web based apps.

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